The Importance of Regular Car Detailing

Car Detaling

Hi Dear Regular and New Customers, here is Car Class Detailing’s first New Year Blog!

An automobile is an important investment financially, in terms of comfort, and in how you are perceived. This being the case, your goals as a car owner should involve ensuring that it retains its value, that it’s comfortable for both you and your passengers, and that it looks great. In the end, the surest way of accomplishing each of these goals is by having your car detailed on a regular basis by Car Class Detailing Perth.

Here are a  few of the benefits of regular car class detailing, but first, what exactly is detailing ?

Car Detailing?

On the surface, car detailing seems rather straightforward. It’s the process of deep cleaning a vehicle both inside and out. But properly done, detailing a car can be a difficult time consuming process that requires the proper equipment and an outstanding level of attention to detail.

At Car Class car detailing Perth our process includes cleaning and attending to issues pertaining to:

  • Paint care
  • Wheel rims, tyres and Chassis
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Exterior trim
  • Interior
  • Engine bay
  • Glass
  • Chrome

Car Class car detailers are professionals who can vastly improve the quality, protection, and condition of your vehicle, oftentimes bringing it back to mint or at least near-mint condition.

So what are those payoffs of regular car detailing in Perth ?

Some Benefits,

1. Resale Value

car that has been regularly detailed holds much more value than one that has not. Not only does a regularly detailed car appear more valuable to a potential buyer, but it also provides a clear indication that you as a car owner took great care of the car, which speaks to how you maintained the mechanical aspects of it.

Simply put, a potential buyer will look at a regularly detailed car and see one that is clean, comfortable, and that probably runs well.

2. Appearance

Sure, you want your car to get you where you’re going, but you also want to look good while on the road. Regular car class detailing ensures that your vehicle—and you by extension—look great all the time.

Your car is a reflection on you, so if you want to look your best, keep it properly maintained.

3. Protection from Sun Damage

Under the intense heat of the sun in Perth, your car’s paint and interior can fade, chip, blister, or crack. Regular detailing involves waxing and applying protectants to the interior and exterior that will keep the sun’s rays from harming sensitive surfaces.

Think of it as sun screen for your car.

4. Comfort

When it comes to driving and riding in a vehicle, comfort is key. If your car’s seats are dirty, the dash and surfaces are covered with filth, and the scent of month old food crumbs is lingering, neither you nor your passengers will be comfortable.

In the end, regular car detailing is a question of class and style. If you want a car that is clean, comfortable, great looking, and valuable, then you want it detailed.

Car cleaning is a process that you can accomplish yourself, but done properly a car detail requires a lot of time, equipment, and know-how. The wrong interior treatment, for example, could ruin your leather seats. Or a improper wax job can actually make your car look worse.

By hiring a car detailing expert from Car Class Detailing Perth you will get the job done right, you can ensure that your car will look pristine year after year.

And Finally this is How Dirt can and does Damage the Finish?

As dirt builds up, it traps moisture. That moisture and dirt on the bottom layers are now in continual contact with the clear coat. As you drive down the Mitchell Freeway, the wind generated by your speed is enough to move that dirt around some, and as it moves, it makes tiny scratches in the clear coat. Over time, those tiny scratches become larger ones, and then the real trouble begins.

Once the clear coat is damaged, the dirt and moisture are able to seep underneath, and begin to lift and destroy the clear from underneath. Once the clear coat is gone, there is nothing to protect the paint, which is the next thing to begin to be abraded by the action of dirt and wind—and clueless, careless people brushing against the car in parking lots, or kids writing stupid sayings in the built-up dust. All of these things continue to scratch the paint.

Once the paint is damaged, you’re down to the bare metal…and now the problems get worse. A scratch in the paint may be minor, but if it goes all the way through the paint, and exposes any metal at all, even if it’s too small to see with your naked eyes, that moisture and dirt now start working their devilment upon the metal.

This is why you need a car class detail now. Let us assist.


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