A detail used by many of our weekly and fortnightly customers often called a maintenance detail.

Basic Car CleanBasic Wash Wheel Rim Cleaning

The basic car detail clean by Car Class Mobile Detailing involves a really thorough internal vacuum of your  mats, seats and carpets which includes the boot, also a full set of your mats will be shampooed. Also all the internal surfaces, door panels, dashboard, centre console, door inserts for example are cleaned. The car is deodorised. The outside of the car is pre washed, washed, waxed and chamois dried. Door jambs are cleaned. The windows are cleaned inside and outside.  The wheel rims are power washed and the tyres are glossed. This process takes approx. one hour and the cost is $90 for a sedan  sized vehicle and $100 for a 4 x 4 or larger.