A high-end car detailing that includes everything. Prestige Car Detailing at its finest. This detail is often required by our customers who have just purchased a new vehicle.

This detail is all about cleaning, restoring, protecting and preventing damage to the inside and outside of your vehicle. Only our most experienced car detailers will carry out this extensive detail.

Full Car Detailer PerthCar Engine Detail

This detail involves a really thorough internal vacuum of your  mats, seats and carpets. Once vacuumed the mats seats and carpets will be shampooed and or steam cleaned. The internal fabrics will then be scotch guarded. If you have leather seats they will be cleaned, protected and nourished. Your boot will also be vacuumed and shampooed. All the internal surfaces, door panels, dashboard, centre console, door inserts for example are cleaned, protected and polished. The car is deodorised. Your engine and engine bay are then degreased and cleaned and blow dried. The outside of the car is pre washed, (snow foam)washed, waxed ,  chamois and blow dried. Your paintwork will then be extensively hand and or machine polished using only the best of products. Once polished the vehicles paintwork will then be protected and polished once more. The windows are cleaned and glass polished inside and outside.  The wheel rims are power washed and the tyres are cleaned and glossed.

This process takes approx. four hours and the cost can be found under the Car Class Detailing price guide.