Car Detailing Perth Prices

Basic Car Clean

Keeps your car clean, tidy and fresh… relax and enjoy! Exterior includes Wash ‘n Wax,  Rinse & Chamois, Clean windows, Gloss tyres. Interior includes Vacuum seats/carpets, Clean vinyl/dash, Windows cleaned, Clean boot.

Deal 1 Basic CleanSedan:$90 / 4WD:$100
Deal 2 Basic Clean + Clean & Polish + Cleanse & Condition*Sedan:$220 / 4WD:$240
Deal 3 Basic Clean + Clean & Polish + Cleanse & Condition* + Full Paint Treatment#Sedan:$260 / 4WD:$290

*Cleanse & Condition revitalizes tired paint, restoring an amazing deep, reflective shine through a 3 stage polishing process.

#Full Paint Treatment is a paint correction that restores new-car “look-at-me” shine to weathered, damaged paint.

Full Car Detail

Amazing overhaul for neglected cars… be surprised! Interior includes: Vacuum + shampoo seats & carpets, Wash + gloss all interior plastics, vinyl & leather, Clean roof lining, Door inserts cleaned, Clean windows, Boot cleaned. Exterior includes: Wash body, Wash door sills & seals, Hand &/or Machine Polish, Gloss all exterior plastics, Clean windows, Gloss tyres

Car’s Birthday Pack

Give your car a birthday with this all-over ‘Spruce-up’!
Full Detail & Hand Polish
 Sedan:$360 / 4WD:$380

Car-Seller’s Pack

Great presentation + Clean Engine = More money $ in YOUR pocket.
Full Detail (Machine Polish) + Engine Detail
 Sedan:$430 / 4WD:$450 

Car Lover’s Pack

When you love your car… you gotta show it off… and look after your baby (not to mention your $ investment!) This pack makes your paint look AMAZING PLUS the Glare* Liquid Glass Paint Protection and Leather/Fabric protection adds long-life to your car’s good-looks!


YOU won’t believe your eyes! Here’s what you get: Full Detail + Glare* Paint Protection + Fabric/Leather Protection + Engine Detail Sedan:$700 / 4WD:$750

Restore, Protect, Prevent

 Services Sedan 4WD 7 Seats
Leather Treatment$60 $60 $80
Fabric/Leather Protection $95 $95 $115
Glare* Liquid Glass Paint Protection $300 $350 

* About Glare Infinity Plus Liquid Glass Paint Protection:

Glare Infinity Plus contains Glassplexin®. Glassplexin® turns to glass on and within the paint surface and encases your car in a shield of extremely durable and hard glass. Protects against acid, UV Rays, Corrosion, Fading and more…

NOTE: An extra charge will be incurred for very dirty vehicles and vehicles with red dust internally or externally.
Cancellations: Once a car detail is booked, we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of the booking, otherwise a $50 charge will be incurred for late cancellations or non-appearance of the client.

Price List valid from Jan 2016. Prices subject to change without notice.