Car Detailing Photos and Results

We keep forgetting to take the BEFORE photos. Usually, when we’re out on the job we think “wow, this car looks so great… should take a photo!”. As a result, there are plenty of AFTER photos… you can see some here. Most of these cars were dusty, dirty, tired looking cars before we detailed them. Car Class can make your car look this good too!

Ferarri F430 – Full Detail

After a “Car Lover’s Pack” – Mercedes SL500

After a Glare Infinity Plus Paint Protection – Regular Client – Mercedes 350CLK

Believe it or not, the picture above is a reflection in this car’s paintwork. To get this car looking like this, we applied a paint protection using Glare Infinity Plus Liquid Glass Paint Protection

Regular Client – TVR Cerbera

More Amazing Glare Paint Protection Results – BMWs