What is the difference between a car polish and a car wax?

Hi Car Class Mobile Detailing Followers. I am often asked the question. “What is the difference between a car polish and a car wax ”

The simple answer is that a good car class detailers car polish will help repair your paintwork by smoothing out the surface. A car wax applied after your polish will help protect the paintwork.

Car Class Detailing uses only the best polish products available on the market. Our polishes contain mild abrasives to remove a microscopic layer of paint along with scratches, swirl marks, water spots and etchings. It creates a very smooth surface in preparation for the waxing.

The quality car waxes used by Car Class Detailing experts are applied to enhance the shine of the previously polished paint and protect it from airborne contaminants, minimise sun damage and prevent the dreaded oxidation of the paint. Carnauba wax for example, properly applied, always gives an extra deep shine. A quality paint sealant is then applied to lock in that deep shine and so ensures that it lasts for longer and further protects your pride and joy from the Perth sunshine and other paint damaging risks our vehicles face.

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