Mobile Car cleaning vs. Mobile Car Detailing

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Another Car Class Mobile Detailing Blog for my Perth followers and regular customers which is  currently standing at over 275. Thank You.

“Most reasonable fit people could become Mobile Car Cleaners. But not everyone can become a Mobile Car Detailer. Mobile car cleaning could be considered easy, mobile car detailing is certainly not easy. No two vehicles have the same minor or major problems with either exterior paint, interior leather, carpet or fabric concerns.  It takes years of experience, training and bags of common sense to become a professional mobile car detailer. At Car Class Mobile Car Detailing we are a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of vehicle detailing experience far and wide both here in Australia and the UK. We have detailed cars for example interstate in Australia not just WA and worked in other parts of Europe such as Spain and Portugal. Many years ago when Her Majesty The Queen visited Perth it was Car Class Mobile Car Detailing who detailed the royal fleet of approved cars and limousines.

As previously mentioned Car Class Detailing was one of the first mobile car detailing companies available here in Perth and the first with a web site. Many of the other mobile detailing companies have been trained by Car Class Detailers before setting up in business. That is how trusted and respected we are.

We use only the finest products at Car Class Mobile Car Detailing and apply them with the most up to date array of tools and cloths. We take pride in our work, and that work is carried out to the finest detail to ensure the best possible outcome on your vehicle. “


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